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U Smile Professional Teeth Whitening is based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

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Teeth Whitening £99

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Step 1
The procedure is explained in full and a consent form is completed. Our Teeth Whitening technician will apply a cheek retractor to hold your lips away from your teeth, protective goggles are worn, and a protective barrier applied to the gums.

Step 2
Whitening gel is carefully placed on each tooth within the smile line. A specialised Laser light is placed above the teeth which acts as a catalyst to speed up the process. The whitening gel is left on the teeth for 15 minutes. The gel is then removed. The whitening process can be repeated up to 3 times. We use the latest technology (L.A Smile Whitening) so teeth are whitened in under an hour, this minimises sensitivity and leaves the teeth glossy.

Step 3
The gum barrier is removed and the teeth are cleaned and rinsed.

A shade guide is taken before and after the procedure to evaluate the level of whitening. 8+ shades whiter are regularly achieved. The technician remains with the client at all times.

The teeth whitening specialist carries out an in-depth consultation examining the teeth, the gums and explaining the procedure, the strengths and weaknesses of the different whitening procedures and side effects from the procedure. Also at this point, the client’s expectations are discussed.

If the client then wishes to have the whitening treatment, the treatment can be performed at this stage, providing their teeth are healthy.

Alternatively an appointment can be booked and a £25 deposit is required to secure the booking.

Consent Form
After the consultation a consent form is given to the client to read and sign. It is imperative that every client signs a consent form prior to the laser treatment. This is a legal requirement and is not negotiable.